Under  the category of  “surprisingly good videos” here we have a tour of the Fisker Kama given by Henrik Fisker being cholesterol lowering interviewed by NFL star James Ihedigbo of the New York Jets.

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Orange County Register LogoHenrik Fisker brought a special guest along when he spoke at a luncheon in Ivine, CA. this week.  That guest was none other than the Fisker Karma. Just in the past couple of weeks many have seen the car doing the track run at Laguna Seca. However, very few have seen one out on the street. As we can see that is about to change. It appears that Fisker is getting much more comfortable with there currrent version of the production model. Many have questioned if the time has passed for such activities to begin. We say it couldn’t be better.

For the dozens of folks in attendance who saw the car live for the first time, there was a collective gasp of excitement for the car’s sleek lines and luxurious, leather-clad interior.

And this wasn’t just a static display. As the photo-hungry crowd still busily snapped away, Fisker quietly — no, silently — slipped away down the road, in a 400-horsepower luxury beast that he hopes will change the way we see green. Stay tuned for how this electrifying race plays out.

Attendees at the Orange County Forum Luncheon get their First Taste of Karma

Attendees at the Orange County Forum Luncheon get their First Taste of Karma

Of course not one to give up an opportunity mans health Henrik also made time to talk about future production plans and that oh so meaningful DOE loan. As important as a successful launch of the Karma is to Fisker, having the cash to quickly ramp up development of a low cost model is even more.

While speaking at an Orange County Forum luncheon Wednesday in Irvine, Fisker not only showed off a running version of the Karma in person, but also spoke about the ideology of his company and even shed a little — but only a little — more info about another car that the company has in the works.

He said his private company has already received “well over $100 million” in venture capital, and hopes it can obtain a Department of Energy loan to spur production of its next car, which Fisker aims to sell in the $40,000 range.

Fisker declined to reveal what kind of car this lower-cost, higher-volume one would be, but the goal is to eventually make 100,000 units a year, and — unlike the Finnish-built Karma — for them to be made in the United States.

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Prior to today the group on Facebook was named “The Officially Unofficial Fisker Automotive Group”.  Today it was announced that the group’s name has been changed to “Fisker Automotive “.  Up to this point posts to the group have been sparse. This change is a good sign.

The first post to the new group is a note Titled “New Fisker Automotive Twitter account”, it’s a reminder to follow the company’s official Twitter account @fiskerauto. That account has also been active already erectile dysfunction today with several new updates.

So, what does this all mean? Is the marketing arm starting to ramp up? Have their been some new hires or an outside firm brought in to help? Has there been a change in the marketing group? Will there be more participation with the unofficial community forums? *cough… These are all possibilities.  Either way, we are all look forward to more frequent communication with the individuals at Fisker Automotive.

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The stylish Karma, a plug-in gasoline hybrid, doesn't quite look like the quintessential eco car.

The stylish Karma, a plug-in gasoline hybrid, doesn't quite look like the quintessential eco car.

Even as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces prowled the avenue, the obscure silver sedan parked at the curb gathered its share of stares and curiosity.

The Fisker Karma, as it is called, has looks that rival a Mercedes-Benz roadster. Yet the key to what makes it different is emblazoned on the sides in chrome letters: Plug-in Hybrid.

The maker, Fisker Automotive, is trying to carve out a niche in what is fast anticonvulsant becoming a crowded field of next-generation electric vehicles: a high-performance eco-car loaded with style.

The company has taken more than 1,400 refundable deposits so far for the Karma, which has a starting price of $87,900 and can top $100,000. The car can be driven for 50 miles on electric power alone before its auxiliary gasoline engine fires up to generate more juice and extend the range to up to 300 miles. The engine never directly drives the wheels.

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Leif Iverson over at Digital Trends has a chat with Henrik Fisker.

The Future of Eco-Chic Cars: Fisker Karma – You’ve drooled over the legendary Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, now meet the man behind the car. We talk shop with Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of Fisker automotive. Where does he get the inspiration for his timeless designs? Are electric cars the future, or existing cars powered by bio fuels? Does Chevy’s upcoming Volt pose a threat to the Karma? Fisker shares his thoughts on the state of the industry, plus drops exciting new details on the Karma, like an optional animal-free interior and touch-screen center console with haptic feedback.

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