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Just as one EV automaker has announced the loan that will be the life blood of it’s new product line. Yet another has chosen to concede before they even really got started. Yesterday, Canadian EV automaker Zenn announced that plans for a new “high-speed” EV have been canceled. There is even talk that production of their current “lower-speed” EV could end in the very near future.

All of this has been said to show the full support for the companies new single focus of an EV drive train based on a power source provided by EEStor.

Zenn plans to make an electric drive train, the ZENNergy Drive system, which can deliver those oh-so-controversial performance claims from EEstor: 10 times the energy of lead-acid batteries at one-tenth the weight and half the price, with the ability to move a car 400 kilometers after a 5-minute charge.

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